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Previous Katz Lectures

Year Lecturer Title
2014 Philip K. Hopke, Clarkson University Forty+ Years of development and application of receptor modeling: Where are we now?
2013 Paul T. Anastas, Yale University Sustainability through chemistry: The path forward
2012 Warwick Vincent, Laval University Rapid Ecosystem Change Across Canada's Arctic Frontier
2011 Peter J. Dillon,
Trent University
Biogeochemistry of Boreal Ecosystems 
2010 Ronald Keith O'Dor, Dalhousie University Changing Life in a Changing Ocean
2009 Daniel Krewski, University of Ottawa Population Health Risk Assessment
2008 Tee L. Guidotti, Medical Advisory Services Molecules, Meaning and the Prepared Mind
2006 Anne R. Douglass, NASA Discoveries from EOS Aura
2005 John P. Smol, Queen's Univeristy Warnings from Lake Mud
2004 Nigel J. Bunce, University of Guelph Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Halogenated Aromatic Compounds
2003 Hugh MacIsaac,
University of Windsor
Predicting Biological Invasions in the Great Lakes and Inland Lakes in Ontario
2002 Trevor Hancock,
University of Victoria
Energy Use, Transportation, Air Pollution and Health
2001 Henry Hengeveld,
Environment Canada
Climate Change: Why all the Fuss?
2000 George M. Hidy Science and Environmental Air Policy
1999 Richard T. Burnett, University of Ottawa Controlling Air Pollution
1998 Gordon McBean,
Environment Canada
Forecasting: Today's Weather to Next Century's Climate
1997 David V.J. Bell,
York Centre
The Case of Transportation, Air Quality and Human Health
1996 Arthur Greenberg, University of North Carolina From External to Internal Environments
1995 William L. Chameides,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Worrying About Ozone: Here, There and Everywhere
1994 Lawrence Grossman,
Johns Hopkins University
Consequences to Human Populations
1992 John D. Spengler,
Harvard University
Ambient and Indoor Air Pollution: Old Story - New Insights 
1991 Victor C. Runeckles,
University of British Columbia
Ozone and Plant Life: The Good and the Bad
1990 James N. Pitts,
California State University
Ozone, Acid Rain and Airborne Carcinogens: Pandora's NOX

Updated on May 9th, 2014.