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This report outlines the progress up to the end of June 1997, encompassing the data related activities of the York University group following on the January 24, 1997 report, and the first results of the modelling activity.

Another successful field campaign was undertaken during the summer of 1993. Additional industrial sponsorship of the study made it possible to carry out extra measurements. In addition, close cooperation was achieved with a similar field measurement campaign in southeast Michigan.

Comprehensive measurements were made near Hastings, Ontario in the summer of 1992, with the objective of improving our understanding of the production of ozone in southern Ontario. Although 1992 was noteworthy for the non-occurrence of ozone episodes, very interesting results were obtained, which hold considerable promise for achieving the stated objectives of the program. Planning is well advanced for a follow up field study in the summer of 1993.

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(The Southern Ontario Oxidant Study)

Updated on August 24th, 2016.